BioStat® develops medical applications for the Medical University of Silesia

BioStat® develops medical applications for the Medical University of Silesia

Algorithms for marking exams in anatomy, reporting cardiac events, knowledge tests or reading publications through a mobile application - these are not the forecasts and strategic plans for the coming years. These are projects that have already been implemented by BioStat®. Moving around modern technologies has become an everyday reality for our company, and the fourth industrial revolution that we experience provides us with an opportunity to exhibit our skills. Not only IT but above all, creative. Thinking "out of the box" is becoming synonymous nowadays, and BioStat®, thanks to the interdisciplinary approach to business, easily fits in with these trends.

Silesian Medical University is our long-term Partner, for whom we have already completed several very interesting projects. One of the latest solutions we developed is the "e-Szpilki" application. There is an algorithm under this intriguing name for marking exams in anatomy, where the student, looking at the part of the human body with a pin inserted, must give the full name of this element / muscle / joint without errors in syntax. The challenge we faced was to prepare such a marking algorithm, that is based on scoring individual characters in words by a fixed weight. The answer key involves several correct variants for one pin, but also includes forbidden words that automatically give zero points for a given question. At present, the application is tested by outstanding students, then in the forthcoming academic year, it will be made available to all students and will become a tool for carrying out exams in anatomy. Medical students are also taken into consideration as far as the verification of the acquired knowledge is concerned with the help of MedicLearn application, that consists of implemented tests. Checking the level of your knowledge from a given area has never been that easy. The application includes tests in each subject, which is conducted at SUM (Silesian Medical University) in all departments. In addition to the exam purposes, the AAMS Mobile application prepared by BioStat® allows you to read materials published in the medical journal "Annales Academiae Medicae Silesiensis". The application allows for browsing articles (pdf, mobi, epub), filtering of  searching history, adding bookmarks to the content of an article to highlight the most important threads, adding articles to 'favourites' or downloading and sharing links to articles on social media. Technological solutions for the students of SUM support their educational process and save time they would need to devote to searching for information in a traditional way.

Another solution worth mentioning is the application for collecting and reporting cardiac events, that we have been running and developing since 2013. This digital platform for data collection is a reliable source of information on the number of cardiosurgical procedures among adults and children dedicated to the hospital in Ochojec. The online register aims at:

- performing an analysis of the provided data in the context of determining the risk factors of early complications after cardiac surgery and preparing activities aimed at their prevention and elimination,

- verification of the results and quality of treatment,

- quantitative and qualitative analysis of the data,

- prediction of medical costs,

- providing a reliable database,

- determination of therapeutic trends and directions of scientific research.


Collaboration with SUM means participation in creating innovative solutions using our best technological knowledge. We are happy to be a part of the digital revolution that takes place at the University.

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