Medfile®. One program, all functions: Office Promotion, e-Registration, Electronic Documentation

Medfile®. One program, all functions: Office Promotion, e-Registration, Electronic Documentation

Our revolutionary thinking about electronic medical documentation and Medfile® portal development strategy, dictated by the knowledge of the latest digital trends as well as supported by an in-depth analysis of our Users' needs, led to the separation of three compatible modules that determine the success of any medical or physiotherapeutic object.

Free promotion of the office / institution through the website on the Medfile® template and a catalogue of offices, which increases the recognizing on the internet and thus contributes to the increase in the number of visits;

Online registration of patients - registration form available 24/7, which significantly decreases the amount of manual work at the reception;

Electronic medical documentation - keeping comprehensive e-documentation of patients, prescriptions, excuses and all other necessary elements related to the diagnostic and therapeutic process.

These three modules included in one program influence the optimization of the costs as far as running marketing and promotional activities is concerned. The "office catalogue" section gives even greater opportunities for promotion. That’s all for free. We are pleased that our software for electronic medical records, in addition to the functions typically used to make visits, supports marketing and promotional activities without additional costs for users.

Check the offer for the comprehensive and free program dedicated to electronic medical records:

1. Free, test account for 14 days to get familiar with all Medfile® functions.

2. Costless Medfile Free - the best for small offices (up to 75 visits per month) with the option to change the subscription at any time.

3. Medfile Plus - attractive subscription with an annual / monthly fee. Check current promotions or ask for a dedicated offer -

4. Medfile Premium - extended version of Medfile Plus.

5. Comprehensive visits calendar - total control over the number of patients admitted. Single visits and group visits. Automation of the registration process - showing the next available hours, showing the nearest free date, copying and editing visits, adding repeatable and single visits.

6. Comprehensive e-patient records - a dedicated visit card for specialisation. Document templates (referrals, medical certificates), own forms and the possibility to add the consent of the GDPR. Prescriptions, bills, attachments. A personalized printout. ICF codes, ICD-10 / ICD-9 medicine databases.

7. Free website for the office - an ideal promotion case for your business. Website designed on the basis of our web templates and access to the catalogue of medical offices

8. Patients can book visits online 24/7 - you can work at your normal pace, the registration process takes place via the online calendar on the office's website (your own or on the basis of Medfile® template). Available hours for visits generate on a dynamic basis. Visits are confirmed via SMS.

9. Payment service - generating bills and invoices for individual visits. Complete information on services and visits in the preview and printout for collective invoices generated in group operations (reports, patient card).

10. SMS and e-mail notifications - an ideal SMS reminder system and e-mail notifications. We offer 100 SMSs for the start for each User and 10 SMSs in the test period. Own notifications, message history records. Additional packages depending on your needs. More information in the offer price list.

11. Mobile application (iOS, Android) - access to the calendar of visits and patient records, redirection to a mobile patient card from all over the world. Full control over the schedule of your work and your employees.

12. e-Prescription – an electronic prescription sent to the Patient via SMS. Immediate issue of e-prescriptions with their indexing on the P1 Platform. Prescriptions sent to the patient via SMS in the Online Patient Account (more on

13. Import patient database to Medfile® - the opportunity to transfer the patient database to Medfile®. Ask our agent for an individual offer.

We support clients in transferring their patients' database to the Medfile® program.

14. Integration with the Lab - quick and effective commissioning of laboratory tests. Integration of test results in the patient's card.

15. Telemedicine - online 24/7 medical consultation is available for patients. We offer chat, phone consultation. Ask for an offer and find out even more.

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