Telemedicine and EDM being the future of your office

Telemedicine and EDM being the future of your office

The knowledge of trends in health care and the needs of patients results from our careful analysis of the healthcare market. Thanks to our research, such as "Pole at the doctor's," we are able to know what are the Polish patients’ expectations and how to implement them into improving the systems and applications we create for the medical and physiotherapeutic environment. Our software for electronic medical documentation Medfile® connects doctors and patients because due to the knowledge of the needs and expectations of both groups, we implement solutions that positively affect mutual cooperation.

"We have found out that Poles most often consider the Internet as the primary source of information, although over the last year its popularity slightly decreased and the doctor’s position Has increased" states Rafał Piszczek for Polskie Radio. This information initiated our attempts that would reconcile both of these issues, hence we proposed the idea of ​​MedCenter - telemedicine in Medfile® along with the development of software that Gould offer more than electronic medical documentation.

Medfile® includes:

- Free promotion of the office/institution via the website template offered by Medfile® and the Offices catalogue. Such action increases recognising in the Network, so it contributes to the increase in the number of appointments, since the patient can search for the institution of interest and sign up for a visit in a traditional or electronic way;

- Online registration of patients on the office's website - registration form available 24/7, which significantly relieves the reception work and speeds up the process of signing up for the visit;

- Electronic Medical Documentation - keeping full e-documentation, prescriptions, e-prescriptions, e-sick notes and all other necessary elements related to the patient's healing process. ICF codes; ICD-10 / ICD-9, medicine databases with daily updates, prescriptions (reimbursed, non-refunded, own recipes), e-prescriptions, e-ZLA, e-WUŚ. Dedicated cards for dentists and physiotherapists.

- The multi-functional calendar is integrated with the ZnanyLekarz platform, Google Calendar and Medfile® online patient registration. Single visits and group appointments with the automation of the visit registration, the copying of visits, the creation of repeatable visits, the possibility of adding a break between visits, the autosuggestion of available hours; adding visits in the division to surgeries / doctors / services.

- Patient’s e-signature in forms prepared by specialists. Secured e-mail in the form of a token. Patient's answers are recorded in his/her file. Applications: patient's medical history; health questionnaires; Consent to the specialistic services offered.

- Telemedicine.

"The idea of ​​telemedicine that we implement in Medfile® is based on a global network of specialists available online and ready to provide e-consulting" - Rafał Piszczek, CEO & Founder of the Medfile application.

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