ZnanyLekarz available in Medfile® for doctors


The integration with ZnanyLekarz application has become a fact. For several days, Medfile® users have the opportunity to use a two-way integration, which is the case here. How does it work? To start with, all registrations for visits made in the ZnanyLekarz application go to the Medfile® calendar and vice versa. This means that both calendars are synchronized in real time. It does not matter which calendar we use. Both will be showing the same visits. This is a great convenience, thanks to which the doctors no longer have to choose which tool to use.

Electronic Medical Documentation is not just an e-file with patient information. We believe that such a program should include a number of various functions, thanks to which it can become a comprehensive response to the needs of the medical or physiotherapeutic environment. Medfile® is just such an idea. All functions – one program. In addition, we are in the process of creating a one-way data integration with the Google calendar, which means that registrations in the EMD Medfile® will be sent to the Google calendar.

To sum up:

To sum up:

1. The Medfile® electronic documentation program allows for comprehensive maintenance of patient’s e-documentation thanks to integration with the P1 Platform (e-prescription, e-referrals), and has an integrated module for e-ZLA. Our application for EDM allows you to create your own visitation cards or any additional forms. Implemented ICD-9, ICD-10 or ICF codes make it easier to enter diagnoses of disease entities and issue traditional prescriptions or e-prescriptions. The patient's signature in electronic form is another facilitation, thanks to which additional paper forms can be eliminated. The mobile application supports all activities performed from the program level on the computer.

 2. Medfile® offers a module supporting and organizing marketing and promotional activities. We can provide you with a free website on the Medfile® template (ready in 5 minutes) and  free entry to the catalogue / database of the offices. As a result, medical and physiotherapeutic offices and their services can be available to a wide range of patients.

 3. Medfile® is developing towards Telemedicine, which will certainly develop the range of services offered by the offices or clinics.

We are pleased that thanks to our program for Electronic Medical Documentation, we can support the work of doctors and participate in the process of the digitization of Polish healthcare. It is a great honour and motivation for us to develop the software even further.