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A good marketing strategy is the foundation of effective promotional activities, a tool that determines the efficient competition for customers and profit maximization. As a coordinated plan of promotional actions, such a strategy promotes the rationalization and economization of a company's marketing activities, allowing it to generate high revenue with sustainable promotion costs. Therefore, effective development of strategic documentation and their systematic implementation in daily business operations is crucial. In case of necessity, marketing research is carried out to support marketing strategies.

opracowanie strategii marketingowej

Market Research and Marketing Strategy

A well-developed marketing strategy is one that has been adapted to the specific market where it will be applied. It should consider the characteristics of the current market situation and its projected changes while defining the goals and directions of activities. These provisions should align with the company's vision, mission, and main objectives. Therefore, research for marketing strategies should be planned in an individualized and comprehensive manner, taking into account the client's specificity and their market environment.

Research Offering

If you want to share information with the world that your product:

  • Is most recommended by doctors or pharmacists
  • Is considered the most effective by doctors, pharmacists, or customers
  • Is the most frequently chosen by customers
  • Enjoys the highest level of trust
Strategie marketingowe

Contact us, and we will verify this for you and provide the necessary data for your advertising campaign. Our research for marketing strategies typically includes an audit of the company's marketing, competition analysis, defining the company's mission and objectives, its target market, and analyzing consumer behavior in that market.

By obtaining analytical data, we precisely reach the appropriate respondent groups, including doctors of various specialties, dentists, pharmacists, or individual customers.

We assure the reliability and expeditiousness of research and analysis, typically providing results within 5 days of order placement*.

*For doctor, pharmacist, and dentist samples with n<50, and for individual customer samples with n<100

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Frequently asked questions.

Will my research reach the potential target group?

Research can be directed to a specific group of respondents. Before starting the research, the client can specify demographic and psychographic characteristics of the target group (e.g., gender, education, profession, age, or location). When choosing a medical-themed research topic, we ensure that it reaches doctors, pharmacists, or individual customers related to the medical field.

What elements are included in the research when creating a marketing strategy?
  • Competitive strategy
  • Product strategy
  • Development strategy
  • Promotion strategy
  • Pricing strategy
  • Distribution strategy
What elements will be included in the strategy developed by our experts?

BioStat employees will provide detailed descriptions of aspects such as strategic goals, financial budget, the scope of project activities, and project implementation schedule.

What techniques do BioStat specialists use for marketing research?

The most common techniques used for marketing research include quantitative methods such as PAPI (face-to-face), CATI (telephone surveys), and CAWI (internet-based).

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