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We carry out customer satisfaction research in a reliable and comprehensive manner, based on the knowledge and experience of our experts and proven research methodology. One of the foundations of customer loyalty research is NPS research.

How to check customer satisfaction with just one question?

Using the NPS indicator to learn about customers' opinions allows for quick and cost-effective verification of the level of service provided or the discovery of elements that are important to customers. The advantages of Net Promoter Score research include:

How to check customer satisfaction with just one question?

Using the NPS indicator to learn about customers' opinions allows for quick and cost-effective verification of the level of service provided or the discovery of elements that are important to customers. The advantages of Net Promoter Score research include:

  • the universal nature of the indicator,
  • the speed of conducting research,
  • low research costs,
  • strengthening customer relationships,
  • easy analysis of the obtained results,
  • monitoring the direction of changes in the offer.

NPS research is extremely effective and optimal in measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty. Therefore, it strongly correlates with business development, as it allows us to determine what actions are needed to improve sales results.

Check how NPS works

Net Promoter Score survey will allow you to discover which customers are critics or promoters of your brand, thus checking the loyalty of your customers. The result of the NPS score is presented as a number in the range of -100 to 100, without taking into account neutral values. You can determine the level of customer loyalty using a simple formula:

NPS  SCORE =  % promotERS - % CRITICS

Would you recommend brand X to your friends?


Detractors (Score 0-6)

They are likely to leave quickly and never come back, while also spreading negative word-of-mouth about your brand. An unhappy customer typically shares their opinion with 9 other people, and the cost of retaining them is the highest.

Passives (Score 7-8)

Customers are not likely to actively recommend your services, but they are also unlikely to harm them. They are sensitive to price, so you need to keep an eye on your competition. Listen to their needs to keep them with you.

Promoters (Score 9-10)

They are ambassadors of your brand. Fight for them, because each of them will recommend you to 3 people. Show them that you appreciate their loyalty and gain a customer for years!

Dla zagwarantowania reprezentatywności próby badawczej i możliwości cyklicznej powtarzalności pomiaru, nasze badania satysfakcji opieramy na ilościowych metodach ankietyzacji:

Satisfaction Survey

Określimy profil klienta, stopnień jego lojalności i oczekiwania oraz postrzeganie oferty i jakości obsługi.

Office / public administration Customer Satisfaction Survey

Ocenimy jakość obsługi klienta w urzędach i wskazujemy czynniki usprawniające ich pracę.

Patient satisfaction

Zgodnie z obowiązującymi przepisami ustalimy satysfakcję pacjenta z hospitalizacji oraz jego ocenę skuteczności leczenia i jakości opieki.

The research process:

Stage 1 - Designing the study
Based on years of experience and proven methodology, we determine the methods of measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty, as well as verifying their opinions.
Stage 2 - Conducting the research
To obtain the necessary information, we use reliable quantitative research methods that ensure sample representativeness and measurement cyclicality, such as CATI, CAWI, CAPI.
Stage 3 - Analysis of the collected material
The obtained research material will be subject to comprehensive statistical analysis, which will allow us to determine the relationships between individual results on measurement scales.
Stage 4 - Preparation of the final report
The research summary is a report that includes a tabular and graphic presentation of the results of the analysis, as well as a set of conclusions and recommendations.

Gather customer feedback on-site!

Check customer satisfaction right after using your service. Using survey tabkiosks, you can obtain feedback from a large number of respondents at relatively low costs and with a quick turnaround time. Whether you run a shop, service point, or shopping mall, our solution will work in any business thanks to the compact size of the device. We provide training on equipment operation and full technical support. Our tabkiosks have LED lighting that sets them apart and provides an attractive appearance. Professional 10-inch tablets in the device allow for good visibility even in bright sunlight.

Kioski ankietowe

Survey Tabkiosks

Only with tabkiosks you can:

  • Conduct surveys on-site at relatively low costs
  • Obtain real-time survey results
  • Easily install and launch the system
  • Attract customers to the attractive device
  • Use advanced online survey software with access to extensive statistics, response reviews, and an intuitive survey creator

Our solution is fully automated, allowing you to manage the system, automatically analyze results, and securely store data on your own.

"67% respondents choose to switch to the competition when they are not satisfied with the quality of service."

Tracking your customers' satisfaction allows you to develop effective ways of handling every stage of the sales process.
"68% customers share unpleasant impressions regarding the quality of service with their loved ones - this opinion reaches an average of 4 people."

The customer's opinion is information about consumer expectations and preferences, as well as feelings about the purchase - about the product and service, the quality of service, and the marketing campaign. It is worth using these tips.
"24% of Poles choose an offer based on online reviews, while 23% rely on recommendations from family and friends."

You're welcome to join us.

We invite you to cooperate with us. Measuring consumer satisfaction is key to evaluating and improving your product and service offerings. Opinions on the purchasing process, in turn, provide a convenient way to learn about consumer feelings, needs, expectations, and preferences, while declared loyalty to a product or brand is an important indicator from the perspective of building lasting market advantages and planning marketing activities.

Based on our experience, proven methodological and IT support, and years of market observations, we offer you a comprehensive customer satisfaction research offer, including measuring both their level of satisfaction with the purchase, opinions, and loyalty to the brand.

We invite you to take advantage of our services, and if you have any questions - we are here to help!

Customer Opinion Survey Recommendations

Frequently asked questions.

What research techniques are most commonly used in customer opinion research?
One of the most commonly used data collection techniques in quantitative research is CAWI, which stands for Computer-Assisted Web Interviewing, where respondents are asked to complete an electronic questionnaire on a website.
Another commonly used technique is CATI, which stands for Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing, a method of collecting quantitative information through a computer-assisted telephone survey.
Equally often used is CAPI, which stands for Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing, a technique used in quantitative research where interviews with respondents are conducted using portable computers.
What is Customer Experience (CX)?
This is nothing else but the customer's experience. It includes the company's engagement and the way of communication with the customer. It should be visible from the company's side in every aspect of marketing, sales, and customer service activities.
The customer's experience is talked about from the moment the customer gets to know the brand until they stop using its products or services.
What can be done to increase the level of customer satisfaction?

You should listen to their suggestions and feedback and implement them gradually. It is important to focus on good communication and contact with your customers. Conduct customer satisfaction surveys on an ongoing basis and update your target audience to better direct your content to them.

What is the cost of a survey study at BioStat company?
Actually, there is no clear-cut answer to this question. The cost of each research study is determined on an individual basis. It depends on many factors, such as the size and specifics of the sample being studied, as well as the number of questions involved.
The cost of the study is also dependent on how engaging the research is for our experts.
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