BioStat® business background – exploring Polish psychiatry

BioStat® business background – exploring Polish psychiatry

The fact that human mental processes are marked by high variability, and the needs of patients with mental disorders are extremely complex has been proved many times in a large number of studies conducted with the participation of psychiatrists. Not only the decision-making process in clinical practice is extremely difficult but also the approaches and knowledge of specialists that are different.

This time, the subject of our research is based on the stories of real patients with more and less common problems in psychiatric practice, yet always very important from the point of view of, both, the patient and the doctor. Based on them, our specialists will analyse the clinical course, diagnostic or therapeutic impediments and doubts. Thanks to such research activities, we wish to learn about therapeutic habits of doctors in order to provide knowledge on how to optimise the treatment of patients in Poland.

Continuation of collaboration with Egis – a recognisable company with a strong and well-established market position – is a great opportunity to help patients, discover the needs of doctors, and at the same time the possibility of expanding the portfolio with further research projects.

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