Health awareness research - BioStat® commissioned by the DKMS Foundation


Every year, on May 28, the World Day for the Fight against Blood Cancer is celebrated. For this reason, in May 2019, in cooperation with the DKMS Foundation, we conducted research to check, among others, whether Poles identify blood cancer only with leukaemia or are also aware of the presence of other types of this cancer. The respondents' knowledge in the treatment of blood cancers and their attitude towards the idea of bone marrow donation was also examined. The conclusions drawn from the research were, inter alia, that almost all respondents had heard about the idea of bone marrow donation, and 9 out of 10 Poles surveyed said they support this idea.

The CATI survey was conducted in May 2019 on a representative sample of 1,000 Poles aged 18 to 55, based on age, gender and voivodeship.

We also encourage you to read the press released by the DKMS Foundation.