Statistics for a Ph.D. Dissertation.

Professional assistance in conducting statistical data analysis
for doctoral candidates and researchers.

Experienced Experts.

The team of scientists at the BioStat® research company invites doctoral candidates and researchers to take advantage of professional assistance and support for research projects. Thorough statistical analyses, conducted with dedication, passion, and using proven research tools, are one of the key elements of success during the defense of a doctoral thesis.


BioStat® statisticians, while adapting to the requirements of reviewers and advisors, also ensure the highest quality of the analyses performed. They carry out classical methods of analysis such as:

Descriptive analyses

Regression models

Comparative analyses

Basket analyses

Variance analyses


Dynamics of phenomena

Tests of statistical significance

Student's t-tests

Survival analysis

Correlation tests

Proprietary Software.

Thanks to the use of our proprietary software, eCRF.bizTM, designed for independent multidimensional statistical analysis in the fields of medicine and pharmacy, we offer consultation and support for detailed statistical analyses in these medical areas. The collaboration between statisticians and IT specialists at BioStat® has resulted in a system that:

Autorskie oprogramowanie
  • Allows for rapid data transfer and integration with laboratories,
  • Ensures error-free data validation and coding,
  • Facilitates comprehensive statistical analysis and provides a statistical final report,
  • Guarantees 100% data security through a continuous Data Backup process,
  • Provides ongoing email and telephone support from statistics experts.

Professional statistics for a Ph.D. dissertation conducted by BioStat® specialists or using proprietary tools prepared for statistical data analysis make scientific work more valuable and of higher exploratory quality. Our experts also assist doctoral candidates in case they wish to publish the results of their research and articles in journals on the Philadelphia List.

Experience and Trust.

With over 15 years of experience in the field of statistical research, collaboration with the best scientific institutions in Poland, and over 1000 completed statistical analyses, BioStat®'s offer for statistical analyses for Ph.D. dissertations and scientific work is a noteworthy proposition for researchers. Researchers, who often have limited time and lack the tools for conducting specialized statistical analyses, can, thanks to BioStat®'s professional analyses, reduce the risk of errors in their scientific work.

We invite you to get in touch personally regarding the conduct of statistical analyses for doctoral and scientific work by BioStat® specialists.


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Frequently asked questions.

What do I need to prepare for BioStat statisticians to assess my analysis for a Ph.D. dissertation or scientific work?
  • Data file (if already collected), preferably in XLS or CSV format (or SPSS format).
  • A brief and concise description of hypotheses, planned tests, and comparisons.
  • Questionnaire or survey, if the database was collected based on it.
How long does it take for your specialists to assist with the analysis for a Ph.D. dissertation?

In reality, it depends on many factors, and there isn't a one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Each study or analysis can be more or less complex, engaging, and time-consuming for our BioStat specialists. Therefore, the time required can vary significantly depending on the specific research.

What distinguishes BioStat from the competition?
  • Proprietary system eCRF.bizTM
  • Professional statistics compliant with FDA standards
  • Seamless integration and digitization of processes
  • Stability and experience of our team of experts
Guaranteed analyses - 12 months.

We provide a 12-month "guarantee" on all our services. Within 12 months from your order, you can inquire about aspects related to the analysis and results at any time. Our experts are at your disposal.

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