Comments function
in eCRF system.

The functionality of editing and submitting comments
to an electronic questionnaire.

The functionality of editing and submitting comments to an electronic questionnaire significantly accelerates the process of the eCRF development at the design stage.

Any action to be taken at this stage affects the time and cost of the project. The comments feature completely eliminates the need for making screenshots, preparing long e-mails to point out and describe the exact places where changes are expected.

These activities have been partly eliminated and transferred to the eCRF system, where people working on the eCRF directly in the system (in specific places) can post their suggestions for changes regarding individual fields or questions, the need for their presence or point out need for additional items or modification of the existing fields questions.

Przyspiesz proces realizacji eCRF
Function's advantages.
Much faster verification of the mock up eCRF without the large e-mails and screenshots
Quick reporting of comments and necessary modifications
Elimination of documentation describing in details expected changes
Transparent communication between the eCRF approval team and the team working on its preparation
Clear comments assigned to individual users and dedicated fields, and thus the elimination of errors in the interpretation of the described changes
A great tool for reviewing change history
Saving time and work of the project team
Other eCRF system functions.
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Data query
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Frequently asked questions.

How long does it take to prepare™ for an observational study?
Depending on the nature or size of the study, the time required to configure™ can vary. Our staff typically need between 21 days to 1 month to set up the system for a specific study. We always strive to ensure the timeframe is tailored to the individual expectations of the client.
How often are data backups performed?
A backup is nothing more than a copy of the data used to restore the original data in the event of its loss or damage. In the™ system, backups are executed every 30 minutes.
Is it possible to configure the™ system for every study?
Absolutely, because the™ system is always crafted individually for each study. Our experts prepare it based on the study protocol and the client's individual needs.
The system has vast configuration capabilities, both in terms of functionality and levels of access or integration with other systems.
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