Automatic notifications
within eCRF system.

In some cases clinical trial requires require to urgently notify selected group of people such as Monitors, Pharmacovigiliance specialists, Investigators and other members of the study team about certain events that occurred in the study.
Examples of events required notification.
Occurrence of
Adverse Events
Outlier values
status change
Cohort open up
and close-out, etc.
In such situations, we use automatic mechanism of notifications generated and sent via the eCRF.bizTM system.
E-mail title, status (active or inactive) and type are configurable. Notification types:
Notification for a selected group of email addresses
Notification sent only to the author of changes in questionarie (e.g. Investigator)
A PDF attachment can be added with a filled form (such as AE form content)
Content of the email can be dynamically created and contain any information collected in the eCRF (typically Patient ID, contact information to Investigator, patient gender, age , details of the AE, etc.)
Mechanizm powiadomień
Other eCRF system functions.
Automatic reports
Online contracts
Audit trail
Data query
MedDRA dictionary
Protocol deviation log

Frequently asked questions.

Why do we need notifications in active studies?
During the conduct of studies, situations often arise that require swift communication to researchers or the research team. Notifications enable ongoing communication about important events.
Is it possible to generate PDF files with the content of the questionnaire?
Yes, users can generate PDF files while filling out the questionnaire.
What other functions does the eCRF system offer?
In addition to notifications, the eCRF system also includes: automatic reports, comments, online agreements, audit trail, data query, MedDRA dictionary, randomization, deviation log, and many other features.
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